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Remotexpeditions organize mind-blowing expedition to photograph the Nenets tribe in remote Yamal tour Peninsula, the only company that take you where you will see the still very preserved culture of the people.
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Yamal Peninsula-Nenets Tribe

yamal tour

Yamal in the language of the indigenous Nenets means the end of the world; it is a remote, wind-blasted place of permafrost, serpentine rivers and dwarf shrubs, and has been home to the reindeer-herding Nenets people for over a thousand years. The Nenets people of the Siberian arctic are the guardians of a style of reindeer herding that is the last of its kind. Through a yearly migration of over a thousand kilometers, these people move gigantic herds of reindeer from summer pastures in the north to winter pastures just south of the Arctic Circle. No-one knows for certain whether it is the reindeer that lead the people or vice versa. What is certain is that fewer places on earth are home to a more challenging environment, an environment where temperatures plummet to -50C and where crossing the worlds fifth largest river as it deep-freezes is just part of the routine. Such a difficult environment unites the people physically through a regimented work ethic, but far more importantly, the Yamal-Nenets are unified by a robust and vibrant culture. The aim of this culturally immersive expedition is to live and travel with Siberia’s Nenets nomads on their epic annual reindeer migration within the Arctic Circle. This journey offers cultural immersion of the highest calibre. This is a rare opportunity to experience the unstaged reality of nomadic life out on the remote, freezing and unforgiving Yamal Peninsula.


Trip Highlight

    • Immerse yourself in the Nenets nomads’ unique way of life
    • Sleep in reindeer hide chums
    • Cross a frozen gulf on an epic reindeer migration
    • Travel by sledge, snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle
    • Feel the adrenaline going hunting in tribal style with the Nenets


Next Expedition December 2018

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