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At Remotexpeditions we plan on creating a memorable experience for our customers at remote destinations by interacting with the West Papua New Guinea Tours and Korowai-Yali tribes.
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West Papua-Yali Tribe

Yali who live in the west papua Indonesia, is a major tribal group living in a very isoleted and inaccessible area of Jayawiijaya mountains east of Baliem Valley, which is also known as the Yalimo. Traditionally the Yali men wear many rattan hoops around their waists and hips, and although they are not connected to each other they somewhat resemble a skirt, at the front the hoops are supported by the ’Humi’ (penis gourd) straight to front instead of straight up like the Dani. Women wear a small grass skirt covering only their fronts, and also an indispensable ’bilum’: a net-like bag, made of orchid fibres, hanging from their heads down their backs and covering their buttocks.
This Expeditions combining trekking on the fascinating Yalimo mountain and the discover of the unique and unforgettable Yali people which still preserve deep traditions and life style.


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