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Utlimate Tibetan Cultural Expedition

This itinerary is designed to touch the deep spiritual, natural, and cultural beauty and history of Tibetan culture in a 3 country-30 days Expeditions. Remotexpeditions will take you well beyond the tourist trails, to discover the cultural heart and hidden secret of the Tibetan culture.
Tibet developed a distinct culture due to its geographic and climatic conditions. While influenced by neighboring countries and cultures, including Nepal, India, and China, the Himalayan region’s remoteness and inaccessibility have preserved distinct local influences, and stimulated the development of its distinct culture.
The Journey will start in Sichan province of China where you will visit the great Litang Monastery that was founded by the Dalai Lama III in 1580, Yarchen Monastery, one of the biggest Buddhist Institute and the affascinate Songge Mani Stone the world’s largest man-made stone town built in 11-12 century. Than drive to the holy city of Lhasa, than will have a scenic drive to Shigatse going via Yamdrok Lake, Karo La Glacier and the Gyantse Kumbum Stupa, then drive to the North Face Base Camp of Mt. Everest where you will be rewarded with an up-close view of the world’s highest peak. Third destination will be the secret semi-independent Tibetan Kingdom with all his hystorical monastery and a mind-blowing landscape, to end the tour in the tibetan area in India, home of the Dalai Lama visiting local culture and the iconic Key Monastery


Trip Highlight

  • Witness the rituals of pilgrims and worshippers during a sunrise visit to the sacred Songge Mani Stone in Sichuan
  • Go on morning and evening at Lhasa’s legendary Potala Palace, bathed in early light and floodlit against the night sky to catch the best photo shoot.
  • Drive in Nyemo valley to see tibetans nomads in their daily life
  • Capture monks during their daily pay in the beautifull Tashi LhunPo Monastery
  • Be rewarded by the spettacular Mt. Everest view from North Face Base camp
  • Treck in the remote semi-independent Tibetan Kingdom in Nepal
  • Capture images of traditional Tibetan Buchen dance Performance in Pin Valley


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