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South Sudan Tribe Expedition


South Sudan expedition will bring you a unique adventure experiences.

One of the world’s lesser-known, yet newest, countries where ancient cultural rituals collide with preconceived traveller expectations, to create an incredibly unique and often moving experience. Our South Sudan Expeditions take you just about as far off the beaten track as it is possible to go, visiting tribal groups that haven’t changed their lifestyles much in centuries. For those of you who have seen everything, the chances are that you’ve not been to South Sudan. Taking a nine day cultural tour of South Sudan invites travellers to step into a traditional tribal world amongst the ethnic groups that have inhabited the region’s wilderness areas for as long as anyone can remember. South Sudan’s ‘wild east’ is home to the Toposa, one of the most traditional ethnic groups in all of Africa, and travelling this far feels rather like getting to the end of the earth. Although virtually devoid of traditional ‘sights’ the country’s highlights are its myriad peoples, from the Mundari which are one of the most prominent cattle herding tribes to the Boya in their picturesque villages, most of whom will rarely have encountered outsiders before. This South Sudan Expedition is at another level from anything you may have experienced before.


Trip Highlight

    • Been one of the few that visit those remote part of the world
    • Visit the Toposa tribe
    • Camp by the semi nomad Mondari end experience their life style
    • Explore the magnificent of the South Sudanese nature
    • Interact with the locals on a community village
    • Learn about life in less-visited tribe


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