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Peru-Matses Tribe

This Expedition is a real adventure deep in the Amazon Jungle to discover the unique Matses tribe. Territory of the mysterious tribe of the Feline, “The Matses” is considered one of the most remote areas of the Amazon rainforest. Little exploration has been done and is inaccessible for most tourists. The Matsés are the most traditional and fascinating Amazonian tribes located deep in the Amazon jungle of northeastern Peruvian border with Brazil. Still retain their primitive culture, are expert hunters and gatherers whose ability to survive depends on their physical skills and knowledge of the jungle. The Matsés have guarded their lands from both other indigenous tribes and outsider colonials. The approximately 3,200 Matsés people speak the Matsés language which belongs to the Panoan language family. In the last thirty years, they have become a largely settled people living mostly in permanent forest settlements. However, they still rely on hunting, commonly using bows and arrows. In no other region of the Amazon Rainforest will you encounter such traditional people who have retained their original native culture to such an extent.


Trip Highlight

    • Photograph remote and unique tribe in their natural environment
    • Understand on deeper level Metses traditions
    • See how Metses make and use weapons for hunting
    • Hunting with Metses in the jugle
    • Camp with the Metses in the incredible Amazon forest


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