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Remotexpeditions offers adventure travel and helps you create a memorable experience by spending time with the himba and bushman settlements and getting acquainted in their rich ancient cultures.
Himba, bushman, Himba tribe tour
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Namibia-Himba&San Tribe

With deserts that reach all the way to the sea, twinkling salt pans, and lunar-like red-rock landscapes, Namibia is stark, wild, and spectacular. Spend time in San and Himba settlements and get acquainted with the fascinating ancient cultures that make their home in this harsh and mystical land. Tribes of Namibia is about a deeper experience in this magnificent and memorable country with some of the fascinating minority groups in Namibia, we will also photograph the amazing wildlife, will enjoy a traditional homestead experience of the Owambo culture and stay in a mobile camp to afford us the possibility of getting even deeper into the wilds of Namibia and nomadic Himba settlements.

The Expeditions is an incredible combination of portrait and environmental photography of indigenous cultures, wildlife photography of some of Africa’s most incredible wild animals, and landscape photography of locations that never fail to awe even the most travelled of photographers.


Trip Highlight

    • Enjoy an expedition that is fully designed by and for photographers, ensuring that you will get the best possible photographic opportunities
    • Photograph Namibia’s wide variety of spectacular and surreal landscapes
    • Visit the magnificent landscape of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei
    • Interact with the remote Himba tribe and the Bushman
    • Camp side by the tribe village to cutch best light in morning and evening
    • Full interaction with the tribe during their daily activity
    • Understand on deeper level Himba and the bushman cuture


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