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Plan your adventure travel at Remotexpedition and get acquainted with the native Mentawai people and their survival in the jungle.
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Indonesia-Mentawai Tribe

A great experience on your journey lives in the jungle with native Mentawai people to learning about their culture, traditions and their way of life in the jungle. Mentawai culture and jungle trekking is an very unique program is that combined between the uniqueness of the culture and nature. Mentawai tradition also as know with “Arat Sabulungan”, the philosophy “Arat Sabulungan” was aimed a balance of human life and nature. The philoshopy that has they kept maintained since centuries ago from their ancestor and was made mentawaian really respect with their nature (jungle), and they had connection with their spirits and soul. The Mentawai are animist, the only ones in Sumatra. They believe that all things in nature possess a spiritual essence, and they live in harmony and peace with the nature around them. For the mentawaian they believed jungle has always places where for everything from plants, to rocks, animal, river even treetop they has souls and act like a human do.


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