RemotExpeditions | Know More About Remote Expeditions and Photo Tours
Remotexpeditions was established by adventurer photographers with the passion for remote populations, their traditional culture. We offer custom remote expeditions & photo tours.
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Our Story

Remotexpeditions was founded by adventurer photographers with the passion for remote populations, their lifestyle and the desire to understand different culture on a deeper level. During the last ten years we have been travelling in the most remote and neglected countryside areas. Remotexpeditions was born of the desire to share photographic adventures and experiences with fellow photographers—whether amateur or professional, beginner or expert.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the Humans race and his diversity is the greatest thing we can experience, there are places where is still possible to see and experience some of the most unique tradition and lifestyle. When you travel with us on an expedition, you’ll enjoy boundless opportunities to be surrounded by natural wonders and exotic wildlife, to explore remote lifestyle, to learn about different cultures and share in local traditions.


The focus on our expeditions is the interaction with the local people and their environment to learn a different and still very traditional culture in remote and less travelled destination. We immerce into places and get to know the local people and their traditions, cuisine, and everyday lives.


There is great difference to go where everyone goes and places where few people go. The destinations are selected careful, are designed to draw out the uniqueness of each destination through meaningful and enriching experiences. The expeditions are unique, active itineraries for intrepid travelers that feature spectacular remote places, cultural interaction, and physical challenge. We design every expedition to be a celebration of a remarkable destination and a genuine interaction with its culture. From the people we meet and the traditions we encounter to the way we travel and the places we stay, our experiences reflect the authentic character of each destination.

Private Expeditions

We offer custom adventure that is personalized for photographers, students, families, and independent travelers. For more information, click here