RemotExpeditions | Explore the Hidden beauty of Tajikistan
Tajikistan offer outstanding beauty, simplicity and a feeling of complete remoteness. Travel in remote Pamir to understand local people tradition.
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Tajikistan-Remote Pamir&more

Discover one of the world’s most remote countries – learn about the people and their culture, and admire one of the world’s most spectacular mountains ranges. Visited by only a few travellers every year, this is a destination that will stay long in your memory.
For anyone anticipating a Tajikistan Expedition, the Pamir Highway is certain to stand out in a series of dramatic landscapes and cultural encounters to leave travellers in no uncertain terms as to the adventures that are still to be had in one of Asia’s lesser visited locations. Encapsulating the rugged mountain imagery and remote nature of a Tajikistan, the Pamir Highway lets you travel across the roof of the world on a stretch of road that promises spectacular views to leave a long lasting impression on first-time passengers and old hands alike. Aside from the trip over the Pamir Highway this Tajikistan expeditions also features many of the remote communities living within the Pamir Mountains as well as chances explore unchanged habitat, home understanding their way of life. The chance to stay with a host family is a real highlight of this Tajikistan Expedition


Trip Highlight

    • Explore diverse highlights in Dushanbe, and vibrant bazar
    • Soak in the scenic landscape beauty
    • Be rewarded by the spectacular Pamir Highway
    • Skirting the border with Afghanistan, get glimpses of the other side
    • Interact with the locals on a community village stay
    • Learn about life in less-visited Central Asia villages


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